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Tattoo Design 

A tattoo is a long-term if not a life-term, commitment and should be designed with that in mind. Many choose tattoos with strong personal and emotional connections while others may simply find a concept intriguing, fun or whimsical. Tattoo styles can range from delicate line art to traditional, neo traditional, watercolour, realism, abstract, cartoon and many more. Your body is the canvas and I’ll work with you to design a piece you can share with your tattoo artist to bring to life. Many professional tattoo artists are open to using designs created by another artist. If you already have a regular tattoo artist, I recommend letting them know you’ve commissioned a design to ensure they’re agreeable to doing the ink work. If you’re a first-time tattoo client, it will be important to show your potential tatoo artist the design you’ve commissioned to ensure it’s a style they’re comfortable with doing. During your initial consultation, your tattoo artist may suggest slight alterations depending on where you choose to locate the tattoo.


Prices for tattoo designs depend on their size, complexity, and colour or black only. Your final piece will not be made available to other Mildly Mad Graphics clients. I retain full rights to post your tattoo, with copyright, on my website and social media for marketing purposes. If your tattoo is of a more personal nature and you’d prefer it not to be used for promotion, we can discuss this at the time you commission the design.

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