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Mildly Mad


Mildly Mad Graphics (MMG) specializes in providing quality, creative, distinctive and affordable visual arts products to clients from around the globe. The artist, Kylee Bowman, works with a range of mediums in order to produce the perfect piece to match the individual tastes and needs of each client.


Products include visual arts and logo design as well as original works of art in the following mediums: 

  • Digital

  • Acrylic on canvas

    • Miniatures to Large-Scale

    • Abstract

    • Realism

  • Watercolour

  • Charcoal and Pencil Sketches

  • Pet Portraits and Pet Memorial Portraits

  • Concept Design

  • Rock Paintings

  • Sculpture

MMG clients:

  • Traffic Injury Research Foundation, www.tirf.ca

  • Surrey Food Bank (acrylic on canvas x 3)

  • Drop It And Drive® Program, Traffic Injury Research Foundation (acrylic on canvas, multimedia)

  • Paris-based author/film artist (concept characters x 3)

  • University of Sydney, Facility of Health Sciences,  Australia (digital art poster)

  • Private clients (pet portraits - digital & charcoal, rock painting, acrylic on canvas, digital logo design)

  • Biodiversity Art Initiative - Partnered with Jane Goodall (digital logo design)


Some may say it’s a mad, mad world and when it comes to visual arts that is often a literal description. Mildly Mad Graphics (MMG) is committed to helping clients navigate the often complex and frustrating, and some might even say maddening, process of procuring the product(s) they need or desire for personal or business use. 

Being an artist is more than just what Kylee does, it’s fundamental to who she is and how she sees the world around her. Kylee works collaboratively with clients to help define their needs and wants as well as the options available to achieve their goals and keep within available budgets.



"As a national registered charity, we hired Kylee Bowman and Mildly Mad Graphics for separate re-branding projects involving 3 distinct national public education programs. She also developed a series of visual illustrations and caricatures for a new vodcast series we are producing. With each project , I was impressed with the scope of her knowledge of different visual approaches and her artistic skill across several mediums. She took time to learn about our business and programs so she could visually capture and communicate some very complex ideas in clean, versatile and thoughtful logos. She also created associated brand elements and brand standards to help us bring it to life. The re-brand for each program posed a unique set of challenges and Kylee helped us navigate them with ease. And the work for our vodcast series is simply terrific. She is incredibly professional and I would use her services again and also highly recommend her work to any of our partners." 


- Robyn Robertson, President & CEO, Traffic Injury Research Foundation

"I started watching Kylee's art work 10 years ago and have marvelled at her progress. An exciting young artist that can both adapt to peoples wants or follow her own creativity. I was the first to commission her work about 7 years ago and the three items flew off the silent auction block at prices higher than expected that benefited my charity greatly."


- Capt. Tim Baillie (Ret.), Surrey Fire Service & Vice President, Surrey Firefighters Pipes and Drums Band

"Kylee is such an amazing talent. I have contracted her to do a few pieces for me, including pet portraits and custom painted rocks for my garden, and I was blown away by the perfection of them and their detail. I am looking forward to hiring her for many projects to come. Kylee is a very versatile artist, with a great eye for detail."


- Cyndie Courneyea, Professional Dog Trainer and Founder, Pet Searchers Nanaimo

MMG logo vc._edited.png


I invite you to browse my gallery and enjoy the range of pieces I love to create using a variety of mediums. For a more comprehensive sampling of my art, visit these galleries dedicated to digital piecesemotion seriesrealismmultimedia and logos for examples specific to those categories. Budgets are unique to each client and each project. An estimate and project outline is provided after the initial consultation with the final fee confirmed prior to commencement. A 50% deposit is required upon fee agreement. 

Contact me today to discuss your project; I am usually able to reply within 24 hours.



Logo development can be a costly and exhausting process. Mildly Mad Graphics aim to remove the 'madness' from this process by providing clients with budget-friendly, digital creative concepts. My creative process for logo development includes initial client consultation to understand project scope and intent of the logo as well as its target audience. Advice on colour selection is provided to clients according to colour theory which guides the best use of colour combinations, tone and form.



Realism pieces are usually on paper specifically designed for the medium chosen by clients which include pencil, charcoal, watercolour and Copic marker as well as other options. Each piece is completely unique to the clients' vision. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is the collaboration process with clients to transition their vision to reality.




Multimedia pieces use various mediums within each piece. These combinations include watercolour and acrylic, ink and acrylic, pencil and watercolour as well as the inclusion of texture using a variety of products. 



My sculptures use variety of mediums within each piece. These combinations include oven bake clay, paster, resin, paper clay, wire, fabric and acrylic.



Digital art is fast becoming my most popular commissions because of the versatility of this medium. With clients from across the globe, I am able to provide them with their final piece instantly upon completion for them to print in the size and format of their choice. The colours are typically vibrant with clean lines and an appealing 3D effect to many of the pieces. However, as you can see from the gallery below, a more transparent finish is also achievable. Another appeal in our climate conscious time is that no paper or shipping is required which is a valuable benefit to many of my clients.



These 15 creatures are inspired from the video game “Keep In Mind” created by Akupara Games. Each monster is a more detailed version of their simple pixelated original designs which are displayed on the top right of each piece.